Why should you trust us ?

Our significant experience within the electronics industry enables us to valorize the components of your obsolete and unusable products (for refurbishment)

Why should you choose the VALOREMA solution ?

  • A legal obligation for WEEE recycling (electronic wastes) in Europe (2002/96/CE Directive from 27.01.2003)
  • A true specialist of WEEE valorization, and especially ADSL modems
  • 20 years of international experience and a web referencing in 15 languages
  • A "thought for the planet" global attitude: "the land is not ours, we merely borrow it from future generations..." (St. Exupery)
  • A single contact person to offer you a solution in your language
  • A solidarity partnership with social workshops favorizing reintegration into the workplace, and a real contribution to sustainable development



"The secret of modern industry lies in an intelligent use of waste" (R. Lewis)